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I give you - the Magical, the Mystical, the Marvelous, Ms. Mistoffelees

Note to Self

Note to Self

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Black Angel
Dear Self:

You have been enjoying yourself, drowning in ever deeper waters of your own subspace lately. Love is infinite, but Time is not. I know you're a Switch, but do you really think it's a good idea to accept the request of that Pretty Young Thing, no matter desperately he begs to be your submissive? I mean Really? Seriously?

He's young. He's hawt. (*fanning Self*). He is a graduate of Baylor Baptist Seminary, fer Chrissakes (literally.) You're old. You're fat. You are a married polyamorous witch/pagan priestess. You need this like you need another hole in your head. I could say a whole lot more, but I won't. You're going to do what you're going to do, anyway. And don't say I didn't "Told You So."

Just Sayin',
The Management
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